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If we had to choose one word to describe our volunteers, it would be “essential."

Volunteers assist with everything from operating the Library and Final Chapter during business hours, sorting and shelving book, representing the Friends at local events, picking up book donations, researching book values for resale . . . well, you get the idea.

No matter what your skills, availability, or personal goals, we are pleased to welcome you to the Friends’ Volunteer Team—because frankly—we couldn’t do much without you.


Becoming a Friend  

Do you love the library as much as we do? No matter what level of help you're able to offer, whether it's volunteering or donating money, any help is always appreciated.

We’re looking for more good Friends!

Anyone interested in helping others find that path is invited to join the Friends of the Library.

Greater numbers make our voice stronger, as we advocate for libraries, literacy, and our community.

Members are always welcome to volunteer, but you do not need to volunteer to be a member.

If you are interested in joining the Friends of the Library—either as a silent supporter or active participant in our varied activities—pick up an application at the Library.

You may join the Friends by picking up an application at the Library.

What We Do

The Friends of the Bouse Public Library seeks to preserve and enhance our libraries for generations today and tomorrow. Virtually every penny donated to Friends of the Bouse Public Library directly supports:

Expanded services and materials collection, including:

  • audio & video titles,
  • books, large print books

Children and family programs such as:

  • Summer Read,
  • after school programs,
  • pre-school story times,
  • Books and Babies
  • Author presentations.
  • Healthy & helpful workshops